Sydney Koryukan

Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-Justu

Dynamic and Effective Okinawan Martial Arts for the Real World

The Sydney Koryukan is the Sydney based dojo for Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu, the system developed by Master Instructor Patrick McCarthy 9th Dan. We are a dedicated dojo offering classes six days per week in Smithfield. (for class times and locations see "Who we Are" for further details).

Sydney Koryukan caters for students from 4yrs through to students in their senior years. Martial Arts is an activity suitable to everyone, offering development not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. Through our training system we aim to cultivate your self esteem and confidence, developing upstanding members of the community, while imparting healthy practices and vaulable self defence skills. It is by this methodology we aim to offer you a complete life benefiting service.  

Our training is focussed upon a unique structure of Two-Person application drills that impart fundamental skills to students on many levels. Koryu Uchinadi encompasses a wide range of drills and practices include the following styles of technique:

  • Percusive Impact
  • Kicking and Leg Manoeuvres
  • Open Hand Techniques (including Kata) 
  • Pressure Point and Joint Manipulation
  • Choking and Strangualtion
  • Throwing and Displacement
  • Ground Work and Grappling
  • Escapes and Counters





Darren Viemero Sensei & Daniel Giovannini Sempai            


 Come and learn in a great environment, functional real world martial arts built upon classical traditions, from NCAS qualified instructors.


"A path not paved by physical conditioning, and methodical introspection leads nowhere"

Patrick McCarthy - 9th Dan Koryu Uchinadi - International Director


Join now and bring focus and purpose to your life today!